Slow Growing Evergreen Trees In Pennsylvania

Evergreen LandscapeTrees are very important to us. They are necessary to our existence because without trees our world would not only be as beautiful as it is now but our eco-system would be destroyed without them. The existing forest and the trees we take the time to plant and nourish work in tandem to make our world better. They provide oxygen, food, shelter and so much more to the life around them.

Planting slow growing, evergreen trees are ideal for those people who want to add shade, privacy, and filter out the noise and air pollution. Evergreens have leaves all throughout any season. They are sturdy and they can thrive even through extreme conditions.
Slow growing species of trees also typically live longer than fast growing species and are stronger specimens.
There are also a lot of slow growing tree species you can choose from to make your landscape or garden more beautiful and will increase your property’s value.

Slow Growing Evergreens

One of the best examples I could see for a slow growing evergreen tree would be none other than Pennsylvania’s state tree, the Eastern Hemlock. They grow best in the shade and may take a couple hundred years to fully grow and may live for a few hundred years more after they mature. The hemlock is an evergreen tree which has flat needles of a medium length and cones that mature in the early fall. Having cones also makes the hemlock a conifer.

The Pitch Pine tree is another medium evergreen tree that is very common in Pennsylvania. The only region in Pennsylvania that it does not grow is the northwestern counties around Erie. They are very resilient growers and are commonly found in very poor quality, sandy soils. They can also be found in areas where forest fires have killed other tree species. Pitch pine seeds are food for a number of animals and birds that love to eat their seeds. Being a pine, it’s lumber is very valuable in many industries.

Other Slow Growing Trees

The Flowering Dogwood is a very beautiful trees. Their foliage turn bright red in autumn and their bark has a reddish-brown to reddish color which has a block-like appearance. The Flowering Dogwood is a small tree and usually is not grown for shade. They are also especially valued for ornamental planting because they have a nice shape and do not grow quickly. They require very little maintenance.

The Norway Maple is a species that was imported from Northern Europe and is now extensively planted in parks and along city streets. Typically, they grow 50’ in height. Norway Maple has larger leaves than other maples.

The Black Ash is also referred to as the Swamp ash is a medium sized, slow growing tree which can reach a height of 40’-50’. It grows well in swamps and moist woodland throughout Pennsylvania. Their commercial uses include the slaps from the tree being turned into baskets and for sporting goods equipment like baseball bats. Furniture and agricultural tools are also made from this tree. Many animals like ducks, other birds, and mammals eat the seeds. Whitetail deer often snack on the twigs and tender foliage of this tree.


Fast Growing Evergreen Trees

evergreen tree


Planning your garden can be an exciting experience. There are times, however, when people get so caught up with the idea of different things that they hope to get in their yard that they forget to be practical about it. The truth is that the majority of trees take years and years to grow up to their full size. This means that your dream yard can be quite a few years away. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways around this if you just make smart buying choices.

When you look at the fastest growing trees, they have a lot in common with the trees that might take a little longer to grow. Often, the fastest growing trees look very similar to trees that grow at a regular to slow pace. This means that you can get the same general look for your yard without waiting decades for trees to pop up to their full height. When you look for trees in certain climates you end up with even more options for fast growth.

Fast Growing Evergreen Trees

The best thing that you can do for yourself is to plant some evergreens. The large amount of branches and needles on these trees will help them to appear larger even though they are still young. Many young trees that are not evergreens will look scraggly and barren until years after they are established and have started growing out as well as up. If you are looking for a fast growing evergreen that works well in Pennsylvania’s climate you could try the Thuja Green Giant. This privacy evergreen typically grows between three and five feet a year when it becomes established. It’s a great tree for the edge of your property line, as it will keep prying eyes out. They tend to grow up instead of out which means they are well suited for smaller yards as well and leave more usable yard in the long term.

If Thuja Green Giant trees are not available to you, then consider a slightly slower, but still faster growing evergreen, the white pine. White pines grow up to three feet per year and are readily available in most regions. White pines provide the same level of privacy and within a few years, you can create the same privacy fence with less trees, as white pines grow wider at a faster rate.

Fast Growing Non Evergreen Trees

There are, of course, several non-evergreen options that are available for you. A tree such as the Royal Empress will grow up to twelve feet a year, making it a stunning addition to a new landscape. For a pop of color in your yard, you can try the Autumn Blaze Maple. These trees may be fast growing but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to last through the years on your property.
When you buy some of the fastest growing trees for your property be prepared to get a lot of complements for your landscaping abilities. These trees are sure to be stunners that impress your neighbors with their ability to grow so quickly. If you’re moving into a brand new property, they might just be the thing you need in order to create an air of aristocracy around your new home.